Welcome to Two Rivers!

What is the gospel?  The gospel means good-news. In history it was often used for the news that a people who have been rescued by their king would hear when freed from their captors.

In the person of Jesus, God emptied himself of his glory and wealth and became human.  Through the life and death of Jesus, God substituted himself for us—he died a sinners death and by my repentance and faith we receive life as sons and daughters. By merciful love Jesus brings us into God's family.  We respond in worship as a church and servants in our community. The Holy Spirit is at work in his people and in creation to make all things new so that we can freely enjoy our new life together with him forever.

We believe the gospel as taught in the whole Bible.
The truth is real, clear, and freeing to all who read and receive its message personally.

We believe that the gospel changes everything for everybody.
No one person, class, race, or sinful condition is beyond the reach of Christ's pardon and power for a new life.

We believe the gospel as embodied (lived out) in the Church.
We are members of a family that calls God our Father through adoption as sons and daughters in Jesus the Son.

We believe 'Thy will be done, Thy Kingdom come' (Lord's Prayer) is our prayer for our home, neighborhood, city, world. We serve a King who rules our hearts and lives with love and justice.

More information about what we believe can be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith.