Mission of TRPCA.png

The Vision:
Moved by the gospel, Two Rivers seeks to renew Charleston by allowing our our communion with God and community with one another to overflow into compassion toward our neighbors.  (Mark 12; Matthew 28)

The Strategy:
1. Invite people to Communion with God.

We want to change people's hearts with the gospel.  Old desires and passions are swallowed up by an overwhelming desire for intimacy with God.  This happens through worship and through evangelism. 

2. Invite people to Community with one another.

We want to create a new community with the gospel.  Transformed lives require intimate fellowship with others as we learn how to live out the gospel in real life.  This happens through community groups, bible studies, men/woman groups and discipleship ministries.

3.  Invite people to Compassion in our city.

We desire to be a blessing to our city. The gospel that calls us to worship also calls us to move into our world in the service of others. Two Rivers strives to show compassion in our city by partnering with others in the area to show mercy.

We hope Christ the King will rule over our hearts and lives that we may so experience and express the 3 C's of a Committed follower of Christ: Communion, Community, and Compassion.