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          Reformed Campus                         Fellowship

Reformed Campus Fellowship is a campus ministry at the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. Life at the Citadel is challenging. Cadets are challenged physically through exercise regimens, challenged academically through heavy course loads and military training, and challenged spiritually (like all students) as they look for meaning and purpose in life through the careers and courses of study they have chosen. The Reformed part of our names means that we are a ministry that engages students with the Gospel and the reformed tradition of worship. The Campus part of our name means that we meet students where they are-in the thick of earning their degree. The Fellowship is the act of coming together to pray, study and give encouragement to one another when the stress of life may seem overwhelming.

We meet each week on campus to study God’s word, pray, sing, eat, and enjoy time together. With the amount of responsibility on these cadet’s shoulders, RCF offers a place of rest from the rigors of Citadel life. We want our ministry to be a refuge where students can come and be themselves. By point students to the Gospel, we offer them peace and eternal rest with a Father who is always with them.

Join us Mondays from 1830-1930 in the Episcopal Lounge to hear more about this peace and the hope that we have in Christ. Contact us for more information.


         Converge Student                          Ministries

We call our church Two Rivers. Yes, we meet in Charleston between the Cooper river and the Ashley river, but we have this name for a more important reason. As Christians, we are at the intersection of two great rivers – the river of God’s love that flows from His gracious hand to us, His children, as well as the river of our love for our neighbor and world, that flows outward in response to God’s kindness toward us. We live our lives each day where these two rivers converge.

Converge is our student ministry for ages 9-12. We don’t have a big program or a flashy event – we hang out with students, get to know them, and share with them the good news of the Gospel and how it changes everyday life. Our desire is to see these students grow in their understanding of who God is and why He is worthy of our praise.

We also want students to see that God is not simply present in our prayers (though He is) or our Sunday morning worship gathering (though He is); God is with us when we tell jokes, play games, hang out with friends, eat lunch, etc. We worship a God that wants us to have fun, enjoy life, have friendships, all while loving and worshiping Him as our Father. We are thankful that God is with us in the day-to-day, the average, the “unspiritual” parts of life. That’s why we play games, hang out, eat, sing about God, and learn about Him through His word when we get together.

If you or your child is interested in joining Converge, contact Justin for more information. 

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           Two Rivers Kids

                        “How precious is your steadfast love, O God!
        The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings.”  

                                                                               - Psalm 36:7

Through the ministry of Two Rivers’ Children’s Worship, we seek to nurture and engage our children as they encounter the transforming love of their Savior.  All such efforts are with the overarching goal of portraying our lovely Savior, with whom our children cannot help but fall in love with by His truths surrounding them through the Word read, creativity, music, fellowship, and community!

Two Rivers Children’s Worship is based upon four core principles.  Firstly, the worship time is scripture-based.  We believe that the Holy Spirit can use scripture to speak to the littlest of hearts.  This is accomplished through reading scripture together, singing songs of scripture, and practicing a monthly memory verse each week.  We seek to provide an atmosphere in which the children attending Children’s Worship may freely and creatively offer their narrations of Scripture and Bible stories in creative ways, through oral retelling and artistic expression, allowing God’s word to imprint on their minds and hearts.  Secondly, the worship time is playful.  We believe play meets the needs of children developmentally and allows them to form connections with their minds, to engage in community with each other, and to delight in their time together.  Through free exploration and engaging of the senses, children can explore Gods’ world and His Word. 

Thirdly, the worship time is relational.  Through prayer (both with and for the children), mutual respect, and gentle nurturing, we seek to encourage children into meaningful relationships with the Lord and with their church family.  And lastly, Children’s Worship is not just for Sunday mornings.  We seek to support parents in their daily endeavors to disciple their children. We do this in 2 ways: on Sunday mornings, by reinforcing parents’ efforts in instructing and engaging their children; and throughout the week, by equipping parents with resources to use at home.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our children's ministry.